• Provide responsive customer service and return all communications within 24 hrs. - most often the same day
  • Provide 24 hour emergency service 7 days a week
  • Attend Board of Directors and annual membership meetings
  • Assist in enforcement of the Association's governing documents
  • Negotiate maintenance and service contracts on behalf of the Association and prepare RFP's
  • Handle all collection of mail, notices, and correspondence on behalf of the Association
  • Maintain accounting and homeowner data bases
  • Prepare and distribute meeting notices, agendas, annual disclosure mailings, ballots, and notifications as needed
  • Prepare complete board packages with agenda and appropriate information for successful board meetings
  • Act as liason with the Association's accountant, attorney, insurance agent, and other professional advisors
  • Issue violation notices in accordance with the Associations enforcement procedures and verbally communicate such issues with homeowners for faster resolution
  • Mail statements and collect assessments according to Associations collection policy and procedures
  • Advise the Board on policy considerations
  • Assist all homeowners regarding questions and issues about their communities
  • Respond quickly to all association document requests and disclosure information to ensure timely closings
  • Assist with the preparation and distribution of letters, bulletins, and newsletters
  • Acquire, recommend, and negotiate well priced and structured isurance policies as required by the associations governing documents
  • Maintain and provide access to all associations records


  • Prepare, review, analyze, and distribute monthly financial reports
  • Prepare and distribute the annual fiscal budget for the Association to all of its members
  • Assist CPA with annual audits, reviews, compilations and filing of taxes
  • Mail statements for the purpose of collecting members' assessments
  • Collect and deposit assessments and take follow up action on all delinquent accounts
  • Perform Collection efforts including pre lien, lien, small claims actions, and payment plans all in house
  • Payment options include direct debit, online credit card payments, and lockbox services
  • Process and pay all expenses incurred by the Association as provided in the budget or approved by the board
  • Maintain the Association's operating and reserve funds in separate accounts in the name of the Association
  • Inform the board on investing surplus and reserve funds and properly staggering of cd accounts


  • Complete and maintain written work orders for accurate histories of maintenance and repairs
  • Develop RFP's, specs, and scope of work to accurately bid out maintenance and repair work
  • Provide regular inspections of the common areas and provide for maintenance according to the Associations standards
  • Create and administer a preventative maintenance program and anticipate future reserve expenses based on current reserve study
  • Assist the board in securing qualified contractors based on multiple bids for reserve item maintenance repair needs
  • Schedule, coordinate, and supervise work from start to finish after the contractor has been selected by the board
  • Inspect completed jobs for final approval, and secure board approval before any final payout of funds
  • Work with Association's attorney when preparing job contracts for major work
  • Solicit bids for routine maintenance, capital repairs, and unforseen repairs
  • Develop, supervise, and follow up from start to finish on all vendor work order requests, new, unfinished, and finished jobs


  • Instill a sense of community pride and involvement by creating a good neighbor of the month program
  • Create strong neighborhood bonds with on going community events such as ice cream socials, movie night in the park, game nights, and weekend barbecues
  • Coordinate leadership conferences for new Board members and committe volunteers to continue continuity of established programs and goals of the association
  • Create, design, and administer a user friendly website for the benefit of all associations big and small
  • Manage the community in a way that our company would be proud to live, work, and call home


  • Report all problems areas in need of repair to the Board of Directors on a regular basis
  • Complete on site inspections regulary to address community maintenance needs and potential safety issues
  • Schedule regular walk thru inspections with all maintenance vendors to make sure the job is getting done right
  • Inspect completed jobs for final approval and report to the board before final payout on contracted services
  • Oversee job progression from beginning to end on all contracted projects regardless of job size
  • Continually review for contractual compliance on all community worked performed


  • Provide training for new and current Board members to outline duties, obligations and responsibilities
  • Offer compliance training updates on new laws and regulations pertaining to community associations
  • Regulary attend community association educational seminars to keep up with the latest laws and report findings back to the Board of Directors
  • Review all community governing documents and suggest changes or updates to continually meet the demands of the community


  • Examine all contracts and financial information within the first 30 days and report any concerns to the Board
  • Provide a thorough on site property inspection of potential maintenance issues or safety concerns and report all findings to the board
  • Put into place an action plan and solution for any unresolved issues or concerns the board may have
  • Create a list of transaction items when association is moving from another management company and provide progress updates to the board on a contual basis
  • Meet with all vendors, check for compliance on all services contracted for, including pricing, and quality of work

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