"I would recommend Affinity Property Services.  As a small Association it has proven difficult to find a good management team.  Affinity not only treats us like one of the big Associations but makes us feel we are the most important client.  Affinity has the knowledge and experience that has helped our Board of Directors (BOD) make informed decisions.  The last eleven years have been amazing with Affinity and has made our community better."
Jim Nelson, Garden Park Village HOA Former President

"As Treasurer of the Tustin Pines Homeowners Association, I have worked with John Owens of Affinity Property Services for over four years.  During this time John has never failed to return a phone call or assist to resolve whatever problem has arisen.  We were previously a self-governed association with no professional management assistance.  Now with Affinity Property Services overseeing our Association, we know we are serving our community well and meeting and/or exceeding all legal requirements and fiscal responsibilities."
Cheryl M. Beerman, Treasurer - Tustin Pines Homeowners Association

"Affinity Property Services has been our Associations' Management Company for many years.  What sets Affinity Property Services apart is they not only help us comply with all the various governing requirements, but really care about our community and the people that live here.  There input on various issues is invaluable and many times is the solution.  Although Affinity Property Services is a business, they are more like neighbors and available almost 24/7, 365 days a year.  I highly recommend Affinity Property Services for Association Management"
Larry Sample, Former President - Tustin Meadows Community Association

Dear John,
"We just had to take a moment to write and let you know how impressed we have been with you as our property manager and the services of Affinity Property Services Inc.  The extensive project of termite tenting and treatment, wood repair, replacement and painting was a huge project and you provided information all along the way that made it so much easier for the owners at The Orange Gables.  I know you are responsible for many associations, but we always feel as if we are the only association you manage because of the personal attention you provide."
Best Regards, Owners Debra & Bill - The Orange Gables

"Thank you, Affinity Property Services for all that you have done for our community and our home.  Our family has lived in Tustin Meadows for twenty-four years.  We moved here because we heard that it is a small neighborhood rich with history and a small town feel.  Over the past eight years the Meadows has experienced tremendous growth and maturity at the hands of Robin Owens.  As we have transitioned from a forty year-old association distressed by political turmoil and physical age to a vibrant, new community, renewed through proper care and diligent leadership.  Boards may come and go, but managers are the most consistent leadership an association will experience.  Robin's education, leadership, and home-spun values, unite in a package that is hard to beat."
Liz C. 24 year resident, Tustin Meadows

"From the initial interview in early 2007 Robin Owens has continued to impress with her forthrightness, honesty, integrity, and knowledge.  Robin has decreased our HOA's operating costs without sacrificing the quality and appearance of our community, thus eliminating the need to increase Association dues.  Frequently, Affinity has discovered a problem before the issue is brought to their attention.  With their expertise, they are able to present the Board with the problem, solution, and three quotes saving the Association Board, as well as the HOA, valuable time and expense.  "Pride of ownership" is apparent with Robin Owens and her staff's active participation in handling our property."
Marcy Holdsworth, Treasurer - Montevista at Santiago Hills Community Association

"I am the president of an Association in Orange.  We set out on a search over ten years ago to find a new Management Co. and Affinity came highly recommended.  We hired John immediately and haven't looked back.  Affinity Property Services goes above and beyond until the work is completed.  We recently had to undertake a great deal of wood work in our complex because of termite damage over the past 30 years.  John and his team were instrumental in over seeing the project and making sure homeowners were inconvenienced as little as possible.  They were on site helping homeowners every step of the way during the tenting and termite process.  When you hire Affinity you are getting an extremely professional and knowledgeable manager to guide you through all of the forseeable and unforseeable tasks that come along with being a board member and community member."
Josh H. President - Orange Gables

"I have worked with Robin Owens and Affinity Property Services for the past fourteen years.  During that time I was the President of Tustin Meadows Community Association, a 935 single family home development.  When I became president the association was underfunded and we had two clubhouses that needed major repair or replacement.  Robin and Affinity worked closely with our board to determine the best course of action.  Affinity went above and beyond in assisting our association.  Robin always makes herself available for consultations and has spent numerous hours doing research and gathering information.  When we had homeowners unable to pay the special assessment in full her Company worked with them to create individual payment plans.  I cannot speak more highly of the care and service Affinity Property Services have provided us."
Robert Quinn, Former Board President - Tustin Meadows Community Association

"I have been on the Board of Directors at Tustin Pines Homeowners Association since we hired Affinity Property Services to manage our complex.  Our Association works with John Owens and we find him to be very knowledgeable of all rules, regulations, and keeping our Community in compliance.  He stepped into a difficult situation when we were re doing our pool area.  Thankfully to John, things finally were resolved and the job completed.  John helped the entire community when we had the trim on the complex painted.  He was instrumental in getting the homeowners to fix dry rot and termite damage on their units which was not an easy task.  It is a pleasure to have John and Affinity work for and with us, and we are very satisfied with their service."
Judy Merker, Secretary - Tustin Pines Homeowners Association

"Affinity Property Services has worked with our Homeowners Association for eleven six years.  I recommend Affinity without condition as your management team.  My experience with Robin Owens and her staff is that the professional abilities and comprehensiveness from them is above and  beyond what would normally be expected.  Mrs. Owens is a team player and problem solver of the highest level.  When a challenge is found, Affinity is there  with a solution."
Barbara, HOA President - Orange, CA


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